Afghan Authorities Blame Taliban for Sticky Bombings, Targeted Attacks

Afghan top security authorities were summoned by Parliament Monday over recent insecurities and assassinations targeting civil society activists and media workers.

The Killid Group
4 Jan 2021
Afghan Authorities Blame Taliban for Sticky Bombings, Targeted Attacks

The Afghan Lower House of Parliament (Wolesi Jirga) on Monday summoned top security officials over recent insecurities and targeted killings in the capital Kabul.

Speaking at the parliament, head of Afghanistan’s spy agency—the National Directorate of Security—Ahmad Zia Siraj blamed the Taliban for a spate of targeted assassinations and sticky bombings in the country, saying those Taliban members were behind these attacks who were recently released from Afghan custody.

Freed Taliban prisoners have returned to the battlefield, carrying out the attacks, he added.

Mr. Siraj further said the Taliban seeks to create an atmosphere of mistrust between the government and people.

With reference to recent assassinations, head of the intelligence agency said many were arrested over eight targeted killings; however, the authorities managed to find clues related to three cases.

Afghan forces have also foiled at least three journalist assassination plots, he continued.

Investigators have been trying to to narrow down the clues related to recent attacks, he further added.

Afghan Interior Minister, Mohammad Massoud Andarabi, meanwhile said at the Parliament that Taliban are preparing for a full-scale war in the next year, adding Afghan forces are ready to fend off their attacks.

He declared a special unit of forces consisting of security and police forces, special police forces and commandos has been activated.

These authorities made the remarks as next rounds of peace talks are scheduled to begin Tuesday this week, with government of Afghanistan pressing for making ceasefire top priority in the agenda of the negotiations.

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