Lack of Female Doctors in Flood-Affected Areas

Residents in Baghlan province are expressing concerns about the lack of female doctors and medical personnel in the flood-affected areas, highlighting the urgent need for immediate assistance.

Freshta Khorami
13 May 2024

The recent flooding in Baghlan province has prompted residents to raise concerns about the lack of female doctors and health personnel in their communities. Because women facing numerous health care challenges due to the absence of dedicated medical support, the demand for urgent deployment of female medical professionals has increased.


Safiya, a resident of Nahrin, Baghlan province, emphasized the serious difficulties which faced due to the unavailability of female healthcare professionals.

“We are facing serious challenges because there are no female doctors to address our health issues. This is a critical need that must be solved,” she stated.

Ghulam Mohammad and Nawid, residents of Central Baghlan, share similar problems, urging authorities to send female medical personnel to provide care for women in affected area.

“There are no female doctors here. We earnestly request officials to send female health personnel to this region to treat female patients. People are facing serious problems,” they emphasized.

Furthermore, Dr. Masoud Ahmadi, the head of public health in Baghlan province, assured the public of healthcare services being provided to all affected communities. He mentioned that around 23 healthcare teams have been distributed to the damaged areas, with various locations receiving medical assistance.

“We have sent approximately 23 teams to the affected areas. Seven teams are providing healthcare services in Noor crossing, three teams in Sheikh Jalal, and the rest are occupied with providing services in Borka,” he explained.

Despite these assurances, heavy rainfall and recent floods have caused significant financial damage and loss of life in the country. Official statistics report that only in Baghlan province, 315 individuals have lost their lives and 1,630 others injured as a result of these floods.

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