14 Feb 2018
Writer: Azizullah Popal

99 Afghan Children Fly to Germany for Medical Treatment

Germany's Peace Village International on Tuesday sent 99 Afghan babies and children to Germany for medical treatment.
The head of the Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS) on Tuesday said these babies and children are burn victims and orthopedic patients.
ARCS acting director Mirwais Akram said Germany's Peace Village International will cover the cost of the treatment.
"In the past we had children who after a round of treatment returned back to Kabul and then again were sent to Germany for full treatment," said Akram.
Germany's Peace Village sends about 100 burn and orthopedic patients – all babies and children – to Germany every year.
Qudratullah, 7, is one young orthopedic patient who walks with the use of crutches. His leg was badly injured in a traffic accident in Jalalabad when he was a baby and has never really healed – despite repeated surgery.
"I am happy that I am going to go to Germany for treatment. After my leg was treated, I can go to school," said Qudratullah.
Qudratullah's father, Sefatullah, said he is happy his son is going to be treated in Germany.
"He went under surgery many times in Jalalabad, but his leg is not good," said Sefatullah.


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