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Iran meddling in TAPI?

توسط - Iran meddling in TAPI?

Local authorities in Herat, Helmand, Farah and Kandahar provinces insist interference by Iran is one of the main obstacles preventing the completion of the ambitious TAPI project. Interviews with local authorities as well as Ministry of Mines and Petroleum reveal only scanty work on the pipeline in Herat province. This, they all say, is because the Iranian government is financially and militarily supporting armed...

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Endless wait for reform

توسط - Endless wait for reform

For 17 years, Kabul municipality has not been able to amend rules laid down by the Taliban regime despite promising to do so. Abdul Jalil Sultani, the head of publication department in Kabul municipality, says the current leadership of the municipality has finally sent its suggestions to the presidential office. However, Engineer Mohammad Yunus Naw Andesh, former Kabul mayor, says that during his term a...

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No will to clear mines

توسط - No will to clear mines

Landmines still maim civilians in the western zone where demining operations have been stopped for eight years. The provinces of Farah, Ghor and Badghis as well as three districts of Herat province are still littered with landmines. According to Mine Action Coordination Centre of Afghanistan, a 71 sq-km area in the western zone is still covered by mines that were laid during the Soviet...

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India: Chabahar Port to be completed by 2019

توسط - India: Chabahar Port to be completed by 2019

In defiance of fresh US sanctions on Iran, India says the strategic Chabahar port in southeastern Iran will be made operational by the end of next year. India's Minister of Shipping Nitinz Gadkari said on Friday the government in New Delhi was trying to operationalize the port, in which it has made heavy investments. Speaking to the Indian diaspora in Dushanbe, he said, "India is...

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Trump Says North Korea Still ‘Extraordinary Threat’

توسط - Trump Says North Korea Still ‘Extraordinary Threat’

US President Donald Trump has renewed sanctions on North Korea, citing an "extraordinary threat" from its nuclear weapons - just 10 days after saying there was no risk from Pyongyang. "There is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea," he tweeted on 13 June, a day after meeting the country's leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore. The move came as the US and South Korea...

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Religious Scholar Killed in Herat

توسط - Religious Scholar Killed in Herat

Mohammad Jafar Tawakoli, a religious scholar in Herat, was killed by unknown gunmen in Herat. Abdul Ahad Walizada, spokesman for Herat police, told Killid that the scholar was gunned down by armed cyclists in PD 5th of the city yesterday evening. Walizada added that the gunmen fled the area. No one has so far been arrested in the connection with the incident. No group has so far...

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10 Taliban Insurgents Killed in Farah

توسط - 10 Taliban Insurgents Killed in Farah

At least 10 Taliban insurgents were killed and seven injured in a Taliban attack on Afghan security forces’ check posts in Farah province. Norulhaq Khaliqi, media-in charge of 2nd division of Afghan National Army (ANA) in Farah, told Killid that Afghan forces repulsed Taliban attack, inflicting casualties and destroying their vehicles. Khaliqi added that there were no civilian or military casualties. Taliban militants are yet to...

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Balkhi: Some Six Million Afghans Live as Refugees or Migrants Abroad

توسط - Balkhi: Some Six Million Afghans Live as Refugees or Migrants Abroad

The Afghan Minister of Refugees and Repatriation, Sayed Hussain Alemi Balkhi said today that some six million Afghans are living as migrants or refugees in other countries. Addressing an event on the occasion of World Refugee Day in Kabul, Balkhi said that since the beginning of 2018 more than 900 Afghan migrants have returned home voluntarily just from Europe and another 246 were deported. Balkhi...

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Turkish Forces Begin Patrols in Syria’s Manbij

توسط - Turkish Forces Begin Patrols in Syria’s Manbij

The Turkish army has said its forces have begun patrols along the outskirts of the northern Syrian city of Manbij, in cooperation with US soldiers in the area. The announcement on Monday came after Turkish and US military officials agreed earlier this month to a plan for the withdrawal of Kurdish fighters considered "terrorists" by Ankara from the city. The Turkish army announced on Monday...

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Two Border Police Killed in Nangarhar

توسط - Two Border Police Killed in Nangarhar

Local officials in Nangarhar said that two border policemen were killed and two injured in a Taliban attack on 3rd division of Afghan Border Police (ABP) in Khogyani district early Tuesday morning. Ataullah Khogyani, provincial governor’s spokesman, told Killid that the incident happened around 1:30 am today, adding that five Taliban fighters were also killed and three injured in the crossfire. The Taliban has not...