The War Frontline (Uruzgan) has Changed to an Amusement place

Uruzgan province was the war front line a few years ago, and the sound of light and heavy weapons had been heard in every area of its districts, but now people travel to most of the war-torn areas for amusement.

Jamshid Mujadedi and Ehasnullah Wulosmal
18 Aug 2023
The War Frontline (Uruzgan) has Changed to an Amusement place

One of these areas is the Mazar Baba area in the Chora district, where you can see different trees and freshwater springs flow in this area.

Abdul Qadeer; A resident of Mazarbaba region says that the sound of water in this region gives people peace.

He added: “This area is called Mazar Baba, there are beautiful trees and cold springs here. before, no one used to visit this area because it was a battlefield, but Alhamdulillah, now hundreds of people come here everyday and party.”

The Chesham-e-Siah area in the Chora district is one of the areas where a large number of citizens of the country travel for having fun, but in the surrounding villages, signs of war, such as destroyed houses, are still seen.

Shir Wali, who is sitting next to a water dam in the Cheshma-e-Siah area, said: “I came here with friends in three cars, it is a very beautiful place and resort, we come every Friday and many people come here, the area is very cold.”

Juma Gol Hemmet, who travelled to the Chora district for amusement with his family, says that the beautiful areas of this district are a suitable place for families to have fun.

But according to him, the roads leading to these areas are rough and there are no facilities for people to stay at night.

Hemmet said: “Many people have come here because of the security. In the past, no one visited Kandahar province because of the insecurity. The road is rough and needs to be repaired. It will be better if the hotel problem is solved.”

Mohammad Taher, Another tourist who came to the Chora district of Uruzgan Province for fun said: “We ask the government to build here a mosque and a place to hang out at night, build an amusement centre here. Now if we need something, we cannot find it here. The road is also very damaged and must be repaired.”

However, the governor of Uruzgan says that he has suggested to the centre that the amusing areas of this province having many enthusiasts, become national parks.

Mawlawi Ali Jan Ahmed said in an interview with Killid: “We have beautiful places in the Chora district of Uruzgan province, which are very cold. This place should be called a national park. So far, nothing has been done in these places. I have seen these places and I have shared their problems with the centre, it is not one place but several places that we have surveyed and we will solve their problems, we are committed.”

It is worth mentioning that after the fall of the previous government and the provision of security, a large number of citizens of the country started visiting tourist places and a lot of tourists visited Uruzgan province.

According to the officials of Uruzgan province, besides Chora district, Chaharchino, Dehrawood and Gizab districts in Uruzgan have beautiful nature and will be effective in attracting tourists with little investment.

Translated by: Sadaf Yarmal

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