Medicine or Poison?!

The officials of public health in Uruzgan province, say that some people in the capital and districts of this province give drugs to their patients instead of medicine.

Ehsanullah Wolismal
1 Jan 2023
Medicine or Poison?!

Acknowledging this problem, the Department of Public Health of this province asks people not to give ‘narcotics’ to children and other patients instead of medicine.

Every day, patients suffering from various diseases are brought from districts and distant areas for treatment to the provincial hospital in Trinkot, but there are also such patients who have been given narcotics instead of medicine.
In the mentioned hospital, we found a person named Allahdad, who says that instead of other medicines, the child was given opium to reduce the cough.

He added that now his child is in the same hospital for the third day and the treatment is continuing, and according to him, many other people have brought their children to this hospital because of the same problem.

He narrated the story of his sick child as follows: “My child was very sick, then his mother gave him a small amount of opium to reduce his illness and cough, it hurt him a lot and now he is in the hospital, and the treatment continues.”

In addition to children, there are also some adults who use opium for therapeutic purposes and then get poisoned.

Two other residents of Uruzgan, Turjan, and Siddiqullah, say that they had this habit from their grandfather to use a small amount of opium for treatment, and now this habit remains in families, which often even affects individuals but it also causes death.

Turjan: “I was suffering from asthma, someone told me to take opium the size of a grain of wheat, but I took more, I felt very sick.”

Sediqullah:”I ate opium myself and also gave it to my child, it had a really bad effect, and my child became very sick.”

Uruzgan’s health officials also consider it very dangerous to give opium instead of medicine to children and ask families to refrain from this.

Dr. Rehmatullah Kamran, a specialist in pediatrics, told Radio Killid that most of the children who received opium, of them, recover after treatment, but most of them die.

He told the killid: Children are brought from different districts and regions whose mothers gave them opium instead of medicine.

Acknowledging this problem, Uruzgan province officials ask families and mothers to strictly refrain from giving opium instead of medicine to their children.

Director of Public Health, Dr. Mohammadullah Rohani, says that in most cases if the patient is not treated on time, it leads to death.

Families and mothers should strictly avoid this practice because instead of making them better, they will kill them. Giving drugs to children is playing with their lives.

According to the information of Trinkot Provincial Hospital, during the past year, about 500 sick children were brought to this hospital, whose mothers and other family members had given them opium for treatment, and some of them died.
Although according to the decree of Sheikh Mawlawi Haibatullah Akhundzada, the head of the Islamic Emirate, buying and selling drugs has been banned in the entire country, but the question is, where do these families buy opium and other drugs give them? Is it for therapeutic purposes?
Citizens also demand serious attention from responsible officials in this field.

Translated by: Shir Ali Jafari






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