The People of Zabul Need Medicine and Health Services

The people of Zabul say that due to the economic issues and health services, access to medicine is limited and their health issues have increased.

Abdul Qayoum Ajez
20 Dec 2022
The People of Zabul Need Medicine and Health Services

They want the cooperation of the government in this field. On the other hand, the officials of the public health department of this province say that they are committed to solving these problems and will improve the services.

Cold winters, economic problems, lack of health services, and the fear of blocking the roads of the districts are the problems that worry the residents of Zabul and demand the improvement of health services.

The Qaboola is a 60-year-old woman wearing a green scarf and standing in front of the pharmacy.

Mrs. Qaboola came to Qalat city from the Mizani region with her young son for treatment.

There are no doctors in his area who can treat this disease, so she came here out of necessity.

Qaboola complains that access to medicines in the village has become difficult and he cannot buy them due to poverty.

“We need everything, we need clinics, schools, and hospitals, we take our patients to Kabul, for the sake of God, build a school for us, build a hospital”.

Hazratullah, a resident of Karto village in Arghandab district, told me about the only clinic in his village that there is no medicine in it.

According to him, people cannot buy medicine from the market because of their economic issues. He requested cooperation from the government.

“There is a clinic in our village that does not provide services, but it is the only clinic in the district that people go to and meet their needs. If the Islamic Emirate and institutions cooperate with our clinic, our problems will be solved. I have a lot of financial problems, I can’t afford the medicine I need”.

Abdul Hadi, a resident of Siahgaz from the remote mountainous areas of the Arghandab district, expresses concern about the lack of access to health services and medicine due to the cold winter and the bad condition of the roads.

He said: “The roads are broken and there are no health centers in the area, so the government should take care of them”.

“Our patients die at home, we can’t get to the clinic, we don’t have a road if a clinic and school are built for us, we don’t want anything else”.

At the same time, the Department of Public Health in Zabul says that with the arrival of winter, they will pay more attention to health centers in all districts.

Dr. Abdul Hakim Hakimi, head of public health in Zabul, confirmed the problems of the people and said that they have delivered medicine to 30 clinics in remote districts for 4 months and this work is still going on.

“Our priority is to provide services to remote areas, fortunately, we have delivered medicine and fuel to 30 healthcare centers, and in the same way, we have accelerated the delivery of medicine and fuel to other healthcare centers, and mobile health teams have also been sent to some areas.
According to a number of health surveys based on the information of the Department of Public Health, the population of Zabul has exceeded one million people, but their services are for 300 thousand of people.

Translated by: Shir Ali Jafari

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