25 Aug 2018

Iran Smuggling Fake Dollars to Afghanistan: Herat Police

The Iranian government is smuggling fake dollars to Afghanistan markets, Police officials in Herat claimed.

The chief of economic crimes of Herat Police Nasir Ahmad Popal told Killid that the Iranian government transfers fake U.S. currency to Afghanistan markets in exchange of importing real dollars.

However, Iran's consulate in Herat has rejected the claims.

Popal stated that security officials have taken serious measures to prevent importing fake currencies to the Afghanistan markets.

He noted that nearly 20 individuals have been arrested by the Police in suspension of smuggling fake dollars and Afghan currency in Herat markets.

The United States’ renewal of sanctions on Iran is having an unintended knock-on effect on Afghanistan.

The country’s currency is taking a beating as dollar smugglers rush to provide much-needed foreign exchange to the neighboring Iranian economy.

The sanctions, which came into effect earlier this month, have caused an acute shortage of dollars in Iran, hurting importers and Iranians, who need the greenback to travel abroad.

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