20 Mar 2017
Writer: Azizullah Popal

10 ANA Soldiers Killed in Taleban Attack in Uruzgan

Ten Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers were killed in the Taleban coordinated attack on an Afghan military base in Uruzgan province. Brigadier General Ghulam Farooq Sangari, chief of Uruzgan police, said that the military base is located in Khorma area of provincial capital, Trin Koot. He added that the base was under Taleban siege for the past six months. Sangari further stated that Taleban launched coordinated attack on the base last night in which 10 ANA soldiers were killed and so far there are no reports of the injured. He asserted that tens of Taleban insurgents were also killed or injured in the attack. Meanwhile Mohammad Radmanish, deputy spokesman at the Ministry of Defence (MoD), confirmed the attack but did not provide details of the exact number of casualties. Taleban militants claim that dozens of ANA soldiers were killed or injured in the attack and they have seized the base.

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