Drone Attack Temporarily Shuts Down Moscow’s Airports

Russian authorities halted flights at one of Moscow’s three major airports after downing several Ukrainian drones on Monday. 

Sadaf Yarmal
22 Aug 2023
Drone Attack Temporarily Shuts Down Moscow’s Airports

Moscow’s airports were briefly closed on Monday after a suspected drone was spotted over Russia’s capital.

All airports in the Russian capital were temporarily closed on Monday local time, as a drone was spotted over Moscow.

The drone is believed to have been shot down on the outskirts of the city.

According to Reuters and Tass news, a suspected unmanned aerial vehicle from Ukraine threw Moscow’s airports into chaos, resulting in delays for all outgoing and incoming flights.

Russia’s defence ministry claimed that the drone was shot down, while Ukraine did not immediately comment on the incident.

Meanwhile, during a visit to Denmark, Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy stated on Monday local time at the Copenhagen Parliament that he is confident of Ukraine’s victory.

“Dear friends, today we are confident that Russia will lose this war. The main thing is what we prove with our victory, with our cooperation, what you prove supporting Ukraine.”

On August 20th, Denmark and the Netherlands jointly announced they would support Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets as soon as certain conditions such as pilot training are met.

Denmark revealed plans to provide a total of 19 aircraft, including six starting at the end of this year, with a further eight in 2024, and five in 2025.

Meanwhile, Russia’s ambassador to Denmark, Vladimir Barbin, said that Denmark’s decision would further escalate the conflict.

Russia’s Foreign Minister also warned that Moscow considers F-16 fighter jets a nuclear threat.

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