North Korea Will Pay a Price if it Provides Weapons to Russia: USA

Washington warns North Korea will pay a price if it provides weapons to Russia.

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6 Sep 2023
North Korea Will Pay a Price if it Provides Weapons to Russia: USA

North Korea will “pay a price” if it provides weapons to Russia.

That warning was issued by U.S. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on Tuesday, during a press briefing at the White House.

“Providing weapons to Russia for use on the battlefield to attack grain silos and the heating infrastructure of major cities as we head into winter, to try to conquer territory that belongs to another sovereign nation is not going to reflect well on North Korea. And they will pay a price for this in the international community.”

However, Sullivan said that there were no indications yet that Pyongyang has provided large amounts of weapons to Moscow, but negotiations on the matter “are actively advancing”.

Pyongyang and Moscow are reportedly inching closer to an arms deal to assist Russia in its ongoing war in Ukraine.

U.S. Department of State Deputy Spokesperson Vedant Patel asked North Korea to stick to its commitment and stop arms negotiations with Russia.

“We urge the DPRK to cease its arms negotiations with Russia and to abide by the public commitment that Pyongyang has made to not provide or sell arms to Russia.”

Russia however, slammed both South Korea and the U.S. for their military cooperation, saying that it goes against the idea of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.

The latest stern warning from the U.S. comes as North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is reportedly set to visit Russia to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss a possible arms deal.

The representative further criticized the alliance between the two countries, saying that both Seoul and Washington were responsible for the tensions created on the Peninsula.

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