Ukraine And Russia Denied Each Other’s Claims

Ukrainian president claimed that the war is reaching the territory of Russia and its military bases.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Ukrainian forces were not successful in any of their operations.

Sadaf Yarmal
1 Aug 2023
Ukraine And Russia Denied Each Other’s Claims

Troops at the spearhead of Ukraine’s counteroffensive say a battle last week along the front in the southeast proved to be tougher and bloodier than expected, with plans going awry and an enemy that was well-prepared.

Zelensky said on Monday (July 31): “Russia has been bankrupt on the battlefield. Today is the 522nd day of the military offensive, which Russia expects to end in a week or two. Ukraine is gradually getting stronger, the war is coming to the ground.” It’s Russia.”

Ukrainian forces say that last week the battle in the southeast of that country was tougher and bloodier than expected and Russian forces are using different weapons against them.

Bulat, one of the soldiers said: “The dismount was not great,” the soldier acknowledged. “We advanced slowly but surely. They were shooting, everything was flying. It was scary, but we moved on. Nobody fell back. Everyone did a great job. Many of us who went will never return home.”

Kyiv, which has received billions of dollars worth of equipment and training from Western countries to mount its counteroffensive to recapture occupied territory this summer, has acknowledged that its campaign is unfolding more slowly than expected. Commanders say a deliberate pace is needed to avoid high casualties.

According to reports, today another Ukrainian drone hit a building in Moscow; the capital of Russia has been targeted and at the same time another drone has been shot down in the suburbs of Moscow.

The Moscow Municipality has confirmed the new drone attack on the city and at the same time, the Ministry of Defense of Russia has declared Ukraine responsible for this attack.

Meanwhile, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said that the Ukrainian army has had more than 20,800 casualties in the past month.

“Against the backdrop of the unsuccessful so-called counteroffensive, the Kyiv regime with the support of Western sponsors focused on currying terrorist attacks on civilian infrastructure in the cities and towns of Russia. Taking into account the current situation, additional measures have been taken to increase protection against attack from the air and sea. The intensity of strikes on Ukrainian military facilities, including those supporting these terrorist attacks has been increased massively.”

On the other hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin has also announced that the operations of Ukrainian forces were not successful in any field.

Moscow and its surrounding areas are more than 500 kilometres far from the Ukrainian border and the ongoing conflict there, but according to reports, the city has been the target of several Ukrainian drone attacks this year.


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