North Korea Fired Six Cruise Missiles Into The Yellow Sea

The military of South Korea claims that North Korea has launched six cruise missiles in its direction. The missile launches into the Yellow Sea between China and the Korean Peninsula are being closely examined, according to South Korean and American intelligence officials.

Sadaf Yarmal
23 Jul 2023
North Korea Fired Six Cruise Missiles Into The Yellow Sea

Four days after North Korea launched two ballistic missiles towards the Sea of Japan, South Korea announced that North Korea had fired several cruise missiles into the Yellow Sea between China and the Korean Peninsula


It is Pyongyang’s second missile launch this week since a US nuclear submarine arrived in South Korea.

However, South Korean and United States intelligence officials have said they are closely monitoring North Korean rocket fired into the Yellow Sea.


South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff strongly condemned the launch of ballistic and cruise missiles by North Korea and said that such actions are provocative and disrupt peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and international security, and are a clear violation of the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council and urged the regime to end its provocations.

“We strongly condemn North Korea’s successive ballistic missile launches as they are serious provocations that harm peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula as well as internationally, and are in clear violation of UN Security Council resolutions.”


This is while it is said that Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, has called for the rapid development of weapons, including tactical nuclear weapons.

Also, Kim Dong-yub, a political expert says the possibility of the regime strengthening its military provocations in the future is very high.

“Ahead of the upcoming Korean War armistice anniversary on July 27th, the regime must show its people not only its economic achievements but military achievements as well.”


However, according to the US military, these rockets fell into the waters off the east coast of North Korea and did not cause any danger to the island of Guam.

While North Korea has increased its rocket fires in recent months, it has not said anything for the sixth day about the fate of an American soldier who was recently arrested armed at the country’s borders.


This is Pyongyang’s most recent weapon test launch, which coincides with Seoul’s and Washington’s increased defence spending.

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