Israel’s Biggest Protest Yet Against Netanyahu’s Judicial Reforms

Large crowds of Israeli protesters have come out against a renewed push by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for judicial reforms. Tens of thousands demonstrated across the country, with the rally in Tel Aviv drawing crowds far bigger than in recent protests.

Israeli Prime Minister said that the new proposals on judicial review are more moderate.

Sadaf Yarmal
10 Jul 2023
Israel’s Biggest Protest Yet Against Netanyahu’s Judicial Reforms

Large protests in Israel peaked again, and more than 180,000 people opposed to the government demonstrated in Tel Aviv.

The organizers of the demonstration say that this is the largest demonstration that has ever taken place in the history of Israel. According to them, 365,000 people across Israel participated in this demonstration.


Protesters against the Israeli government’s judicial reform plan have been demonstrating in Tel Aviv and other cities since 27 weeks ago. They say that the judicial reforms proposed by the government of Benjamin Netanyahu are a big threat to democracy in Israel.

However, protesters announced that they will once again go to the streets of Tel Aviv and other cities on Tuesday.


Hagal Levine, one of the protest movement’s leaders, says that the government is making the situation critical and people will continue their demonstrations until they reach the desired goal.

“The government is continuing to drug us into a chaotic state. Unfortunately, we don’t know, no one knows what will happen this week in Israel, but clearly, things will not be as usual, all the people from protesters, from all movements, from the military reservists will not go to duty because the duty is to protest for democracy, the pilots, the physicians, the health care professionals, from the high tech industry, because if there is no democracy there is no high tech.”


Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that the new proposals on judicial review are more moderate. According to reports, he wanted to ease concerns.


Netanyahu added that the right to protest is reserved for both the opponents of the reform and its supporters.

“The right to demonstrate in the framework of the law is sacred for every individual and every sector and we strongly condemn any violence against demonstrators from this side of the other. The right is reserved both for the opponents of the reforms and its supporters. While the government has not considered restricting this right, it has requested to receive a report on what is the enforcement policy regarding violations of the law that infringe on the basic rights of millions of citizens which are carried out almost on a daily basis during the demonstrations.”


According to reports, today the Israeli government is going to send an important part of the judicial reform plan to the Israeli Parliament in a statement form.


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