Four Miners and Three Soldiers were Killed in Pakistan

Seven people, including three soldiers, have been killed in three separate incidents in Baluchistan and North Waziristan, Pakistan.

Jamshid Mojadidi
28 Feb 2023
Four Miners and Three Soldiers were Killed in Pakistan

Pakistani media have reported, quoting the officials of this country, that on Monday (27th February), four mining workers were killed and three others were injured in an armed attack by unknown men in the Harnai region of Balochistan.

On the other hand, a vehicle carrying Pakistani troops hit a roadside mine in the Kuhlo region of Balochistan, killing one soldier and injuring six others.

Meanwhile, Pakistani officials say that two forces of this country have been killed in an armed attack in North Waziristan.

So far, no one has claimed responsibility for these attacks.

Translated by: Shir Ali Jafari

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