Direct Flights from Kandahar to Dubai Resumed

The Ministry of Transportation and Civil Aviation has announced the resuming of direct flights from Kandahar province to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Jamshid Mojadidi
5 Feb 2023
Direct Flights from Kandahar to Dubai Resumed

It is posted on the Twitter page of the Ministry that, direct flights from Ahmad Shah Baba International Airport to Dubai started on Saturday (4th February).

Haji Zaid, the spokesman of the governor of Kandahar, says that these flights are carried out by Kam Air.

Meanwhile, the officials of this company say that efforts are underway to start flights between Kandahar-China and Kandahar-Delhi.

It should be mentioned that before this, direct flights were made from Kandahar Airport to Saudi Arabia.

Translated by: Shir Ali Jafari

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