UNICEF Humanitarian Aid to Nimroz Province Schools

The distribution of a number of tables and chairs for a number of schools in Nimroz has made the students of these schools happy.

Ehsanullah Wolesmal
20 Dec 2022
UNICEF Humanitarian Aid to Nimroz Province Schools

These donations have been made by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) this year.

In recent years, many classes in the schools of Zaranj city; the center of Nimroz province was without desks and chairs, and students in some schools used broken chairs and desks, and in some schools, students sat on the floor.

But after the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) distributed new desks and chairs to schools, this cooperation has been welcomed by the students of those schools.

Hadiya, who is a fifth-grade student at the school, welcomed the distribution of desks and chairs in her school and expressed his happiness as follows: “Now, instead of sitting on the floor, we sit and study on new desks and chairs. In the past years, we studied on the floor”.

At the same time, Sahil, another student of this region, says that in the school where he studied, old desks were used and students sat on the floor and studied.

Welcoming UNICEF’s work, he says: “We used to study on the ground and it was very difficult for us, but now I study with hope”.

Sahil emphasizes that tables and chairs should be well maintained. He asks other students to try to save and keep these donations.

Some officials in the schools that have benefited from the distribution of desks and chairs consider this humanitarian aid of UNICEF to be effective in improving children’s education.

Vahid Hamidi, the principal of one of the schools, says: “We are grateful to UNICEF for helping us with tables and chairs. Before, students were facing problems in their classes, but now they are being taught regularly and according to standards”.

He reminded me that in the school where he works, there are enough chairs and tables available to the students.

In the meantime, a number of civil activists, recalling the problems that Nimroz schools faced in the past, confirm that UNICEF’s assistance has a good effect on solving the schools’ problems.

Sabawon Karimi, one of Nimroz’s civil activists, says: “With the support of UNICEF, education will improve in this province because the students go to school with a special enthusiasm”.

These civil activists ask the Islamic Emirate to pay more attention to the education sector so that, according to him, we will have qualified doctors, teachers, and engineers in the future.

Apart from this, a number of residents of Nimroz also consider any help and cooperation in the education sector useful in changing the situation of society in the future.

Gholam Haidar, one of the residents of Nimiroz Province, welcomed UNICEF’s humanitarian assistance and said: “We used to face many problems in the education department because our students were sitting on the ground and studying, but now with UNICEF’s assistance, they are studying on a desk”.

While these citizens express their satisfaction with UNICEF’s assistance in distributing desks and chairs to schools, they ask the Islamic Emirate to remove any obstacles to the education of boys and girls in the country.

Translated by: Shir Ali Jafari

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