A Reporter Committed Suicide in Kandahar Province

The authorities in Kandahar province have reported the suicide of a local journalist in this province.

Shir Ali Jafari
19 Dec 2022
A Reporter Committed Suicide in Kandahar Province

Haji Zaid, the spokesman of the governor of Kandahar, told Killid that Nasir Ahmad Mirzae, who used to work with some local radio stations, committed suicide on Sunday (18th December) using a rifle.

Zaid said the reason for the suicide of this reporter is family problems.

It is said that Nasir Ahmad Mirzae has been suffering from unemployment in recent days and had approached several media outlets in Kandahar province to get a job.

After the political changes in 2021, a large number of media outlets in different provinces stopped operating, as a result of which hundreds of journalists and media workers became unemployed.

Translated by: Shir Ali Jafari

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