More Than Half of the Factories in Kandahar Have Been Closed

Due to the lack of electricity in Kandahar, more than half of the factories in this industrial town have been closed and some of them have been moved to Herat and Kabul provinces.

Taj Mohammad Sahil
18 Dec 2022
More Than Half of the Factories in Kandahar Have Been Closed

The officials of the Department of Industry and Trade said that they have repeatedly asked the government for special electricity for the industrial city, but so far no positive response has been given to their request.

Currently, there are 300 factories in Kandahar Industrial City, and about 50% of the factories are out of business.

One of these factories is a large iron and steel factory in which three million dollars have been invested, but now it is facing the threat of closure.

This factory was built a few months ago at a cost of three million dollars and dozens of people are working there.

With the activation of the mentioned factory, smuggling of Kandahar steel was prevented and it’s consuming in this factory.

Factory manager Haji Shamsullah says that the problems facing the industry in this province are increasing day by day.

He says that if the electricity problem is not solved, the factory will be forced to close and 200 people will be unemployed.
He added: “Earlier, the steel was smuggled to Pakistan, but now we buy some of it. Our request from The Islamic Emirate is to supply needed steel and electricity”.

Although not much time has passed since the beginning of this factory, the factory workers say that if the problems in this industry continue, there is a possibility that they too will be out of a job.

“If electricity is not produced, this plant, which is still in bad condition, will be shut down. Other employees like me will also be unemployed”.

Mufti Alam Mohammad, the manager of Kandahar Industrial Town, says that he has discussed the problem of electricity shortage with the Governor of Kandahar and that this problem will be solved soon.
“With the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, new factories have started working. We know that they have electricity problems, we are trying to solve their electricity problems”.

Sayed Sarwar Amani, head of industry and trade in Kandahar, also confirms the problem of electricity in the industrial town and says that half of the 300 towns in this town are shut down due to lack of electricity.
According to him, due to this problem, 15 factories of Kandahar Industrial Town have been transferred to Herat and Kabul provinces.

Recently, 15 factories were moved to Herat and Kabul due to a lack of electricity, and most of them were closed due to a lack of electricity.

Economic analysts point out that the only way out of the economic problems and unemployment in the country is to strengthen the industry of the country.
Ahmad Agha Shukran, an expert on economic issues, says that government should promote the private sector and solve the current problems.

The government cannot meet all the needs of the people, the private sector cooperates with them, they have provided jobs for the people, they give money to the government and the government should provide services for them.

It should be mentioned that there are about 300 factories in Kandahar Industrial town, and more than 50% of the factories have been closed or stopped operating due to a lack of electricity and other problems.

Translated by: Shir Ali Jafari

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