Afghan NSA Travels to Moscow

President Ashraf Ghani’s National Security Adviser on Thursday departed for travel to the Russian capital of Moscow just a day after German and Italy announced they wrapped up their military presence in Afghanistan.

Moqadas Hashimi
1 Jul 2021
Afghan NSA Travels to Moscow
Hamdullah Mohib, Afghan National Security Advisor. PHOTO: Social Media

Rahmatullah Andar, spokesman for the Office of National Security Council (ONSC) said Thursday that Hamdullah Mohib, National Security Adviser, departed for travel to Moscow today morning to meet with Russian officials.

In his two-day trip, Andar said, the Security Adviser is set to discuss mutual security cooperation and other related issues.

The visit comes a week after an Afghan delegation led by President Ghani visited the United States where it discussed country’s issues, including Afghanistan’s peace process and Kabul-Washington future partnerships, with U.S. President Joe Biden and other officials.

Government officials called the visit “full of achievements”. However, politicians and analysts slam the government for failing to seize of the opportunity at best.

A number of political affairs experts believe that Mohib’s visit to Moscow would not have any outcome.

Ahmad Saeedi, political analyst, said Moscow might be interested in providing military assistance to the country, but it is not willing to directly intervene in Afghanistan.

Moscow could seal borders between Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan to prevent terrorists to enter the country.

Mohammad Rahimi, an international affairs analyst, meanwhile, said that Afghan conflicting parties are trying to attract military partners to come to their aid in terms of military and financial assistance.

As U.S. and NATO are leaving the country, the Afghan government is trying to keep Russia’s support and assistance.

It comes as violence between Afghan forces and the Taliban has been exponentially ramped up, with the Taliban astonishingly advancing across the country since foreign troops began leaving the country on early May.

According to the Ministry of Defense, as many as 258 Taliban fighters were killed and 142 others injured in clashes with government forces in last 24 hours.

The armed has yet to comment.


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