An Afghan Girl, Who Has Proven Disability Is Not Inability

A young disabled artist, Zahra Mohammadi, has defied the limitations of her disability and embraced her passion for painting. Despite being paralyzed, she creates beautiful artworks by using her mouth, inspiring others with her determination and creativity.

Behishta Kohistani
16 May 2024

Zahra Mohammadi, an 18-year-old girl, has proven that physical disability is not a barrier to achieve one’s dreams. She was born with a physical disability that has left her hands and feet paralyzed, Zahra is capable to paint by using her mouth, creating attractive art works that have left onlookers in awe.

At a recent industry exhibition, Zahra’s beautiful paintings caught the attention of visitors. Her unique technique, which hold a brush in her mouth, has allowed her to express her creativity and bring her imagination on canvas.

Despite the challenges she faced due to her disability, Zahra’s passion for art has driven her to persevere and develop her skills.

 “My love for painting motivated me to learn it by my own, without guidance of any teacher. If I receive support and encouragement, I believe I can showcase my art even more.”

Zahra’s artwork is not only a testament to her talent and creativity but also an inspiration to others who may be facing similar challenges.

The young artist’s ambitions don’t stop at painting. Zahra understands English language and Computer programs, and She hopes to become a doctor one day in the future. Her father, Alam Mohammadi, praised his daughter’s high spirit and dedication, saying, “Zahra was born with a physical disability, but she has never let it hold her back. She has a strong determination and a passion for learning, and I am proud of her achievements.”

Zahra’s story is a powerful reminder that disability is not inability. Her courage and perseverance have enabled her to overcome the obstacles in her life.

As Zahra continues to pursue her dreams, she hopes to receive more supports and encouragements. Her remarkable talent and inspiring story are sure to touch the hearts of many people.

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