Home school in Takhar, Women’s Innovation

After two-year ban on girls above 6th grade, some active women in Takhar have built a home school named “Hushmand”, where some girls are studying. It has been two years since shutting of girls’ schools above sixth grade.

نویسنده: Shir Ali Jafari
18 Nov 2023
Home school in Takhar, Women’s Innovation

Now in Takhar, women have built a school named “Houshmand” in a house, where girls above the sixth grade are taught.

Prisa Mobarez, head of the school, says that in one month, she has enrolled 13 students deprived of education.

She says that girls are very interested in this school, but she adds that many facilities cannot be provided them.

“After the ban on girls’ education postponement, I decided to build a school at home for girls above 6th grade, so that girls can study in. I took this step for girls who are deprived of education and waiting for decision of Islamic Emirate to open schools.

Meanwhile, Zeenat Ahmadi is the only teacher of this high school, says that she likes to work as a teacher for deprived of education girls.

She was able of taking over responsibility as a teacher for school students. In her viewpoint, these girls have great interest for education and studies.

Ms. Ahmadi also requests other female teachers to teach girls.

“I also request other female teachers to continue education for girls above the sixth grade at home. There are many deprived of education girls everywhere. If such steps are taken, then more girls will continue their studies.”


The girl students study in this school say that they have been banned from school and now they are hopeless for future.

They say that they are also experiencing bad psychological turbulences.

The students of this school want Islamic Emirate to open schools for all girls.

Nargis studies in this school, says: “I am a student of the school. I study school subjects here. I am very happy, but closing of schools for girls makes me disappointed. I want government to open schools.”

Another student of this school, Nabila, says: “Since school have been banned, I have no hope for future. My request is to open school for all girls.”

Despite that after Islamic Emirate came to power, girls’ schools above sixth grade were banned.

Islamic Emirate has always said that this ban is temporary and will allow girls to study after a Sharia framework establishment; however, after two years, no significant steps have been taken in this regard.

Translated by Muhammad Yousuf “Zakir”

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