Complaint of Earthquake Victims About Aid Distribution

After the earthquake, a number of earthquake-hit areas’ residents in Herat are expressing concern regarding the slow distribution of aid.

Islamuddin Ahamdi
30 Oct 2023
Complaint of Earthquake Victims About Aid Distribution

They say that since the first earthquake in Herat more than three weeks have passed, however they still have not transparently received aid.

Noor Gul, a resident of Zendeh Jan district, who has lost everything, told Killid that the aid is not transparently and quickly distributed.

” They came once, my wife and children are outside right now, the weather has become cold, we don’t dare to go our houses because of fear. Our houses are in danger; aids have not been reached us.”

Another resident of Zendeh Jan district, Bismillah, says that aid is not distributed transparently to them.

“Aid has not been given us properly to. It has been three days that we have not been given any aid. We have no money and we purchase a bread from a bakery for 10 AFs. The commission rejected the aid and sent them to other districts.”

Residents of Herat province express concern regarding the continuance of severe earthquakes in the province.

Shukriya, a resident of the fifth district of Herat, says that being displaced and the fear of severe earthquakes on the other hand have made her life harder.

“Our house has cracks, I went home and there was again an earthquake, I was forced to come back. My daughter and sister are afraid going home.”

Meanwhile, the officials of Aid Collection Commission in Herat commit that all the aid will be transparently distributed to the people.

Ismatullah Yasir, the financial officer of this commission, says that so far, in addition to food and non-food aid, about 120 million AFs in cash has been submitted to this commission.

“We assure people that the aid has reached a certain commission and this commission commits to distribute transparently the aid to the people. Aid has also reached Herat from different provinces. “

In the last three weeks, Herat was hit by earthquakes of magnitude 6.3 and 5.2, due to that more than 1,400 people died and hundreds of others were injured.


Translated by Muhammad Yousuf “Zakir”

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