Two Journalists of Killid Radio Detained in Nangarhar Province

Faqir Mohammad Faqirzai and Jan Agha Saleh, two journalists for the Killid Radio station have been detained in the Nangarhar province by the Islamic Emirate General Directorate of Security (GDI) on (August 10) Thursday afternoon.

So far, the arresting reason of these journalists is not known and the local authorities have not commented on the issues.

Jamshid Mujadedi
11 Aug 2023
Two Journalists of Killid Radio Detained in Nangarhar Province

The Afghanistan Journalists Center condemned the Killid Radio journalists’ detention and called for their immediate and unconditional release. AFJC asked the local authorities to follow up on any complaints against these journalists based on the law of public media through the Media Complaints and Violations Commission.

The Free Media Supporting Organization in Afghanistan (Nai) has also published a statement demanding the release of these two journalists.

Nai emphasizes that if such actions continue, journalists will be placed in an atmosphere of fear; and freedom of expression and access to information in the country will become a severe challenge.

In the past week, four journalists have been detained in different provinces, according to Nai.

Killid Group which informs based on the facts and compliance with the media law, calls immediate release of Killid Radio journalists in Nangarhar province.

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