After Passing Three Years of Corona, Rumors Still Exist

Although it has been more than three years, since the first case of Corona in Afghanistan was registered, still a number of people do not take the recommendations of health officials seriously, due to believing in rumours and lack of health awareness or lack of information access.

Abdul Latif Sahak
10 May 2023
After Passing Three Years of Corona, Rumors Still Exist

According to the estimate of the World Health Organization last year, the Covid-19 virus epidemic has caused the death of nearly 16 million people worldwide.

This organization believes that many countries have underestimated the number of deaths caused by Covid-19.


But in Afghanistan, even though it has been more than three years since the first case of this disease was registered, people in a number of regions, do not take the recommendations of health organizations seriously, due to believing in rumours and lack of health awareness or lack of access to information.


Firooz, a resident of Faryab Province, says that Corona was a project that was launched to scare people: “They called cold and pain the Corona, and people died due to fear. People got stressed after hearing a lot of messages and advertisements about the anxiety that was caused by casualties.


Gholam Haidar, a resident of Jawzjan province, also does not believe in corona disease and its dangers. He says: “Corona does not exist and this was nothing more than an advertisement; because in the winter season, people get colds and runny nose, but it’s not Corona.”



Ignoring Recommendations

After the victims of the coronavirus reached 259 people in China and it spread to other countries of the world, the World Health Organization on February 1, 2021, asked all the countries of the world to be prepared to deal with the spread of the coronavirus.


After this announcement by the World Health Organization, measures such as; wearing a mask, keeping a distance between people, washing hands several times a day, and quarantining of cities were taken to prevent the further spread of this virus.


In Afghanistan, although no city was completely quarantined, wearing masks, and gloves, preventing gatherings, etc. are among the measures that were observed to some extent.


But there are some people who consider such preventive measures useless and for the benefit of companies that supply masks and gloves, etc.


Mohammad Erkin, a resident of Faryab Province, says that washing your hands several times a day and wearing a mask does not prevent the coronavirus at all, but it has made the mask, hand washing liquid or disinfectant market flourish.


“I did not receive the corona vaccine. I didn’t eat bell pepper and other anti-corona vegetables, I didn’t get Covid-19. Since then, I have been visiting the city and the market without a mask.”


At the same time, Farid Ahmad, a resident of Balkh province, says: “It’s enough that they told you to wash your hands, the price of hand sanitiser went from 100 AFNs to 500 AFNs. In fact, these things were of no use, those who used these things too much have died.”


But a number of people who are victims of rumours also raise the question that despite the recommendations of the World Health Organization and strict measures by many countries, why did millions of people become victims of this disease? Ghulam Haidar, a resident of Balkh Province, believes the same, he says: “Health organizations in the world and competent doctors announced that wearing masks and vaccines prevent this disease, so why did millions of people die in the world?”



Let’s Hear the Sufferers


Although there have been many rumours related to Corona since the beginning of this disease, many people have turned away from the rumours and are looking for prevention and treatment. These citizens still consider Corona a dangerous disease and by wearing masks and taking into account the recommendations of health authorities, they try to prevent its further spread.


Kaka Saadeq, one of the elders in Balkh Province, says that he always wears a mask, keeps his distance, and has been vaccinated to prevent Corona. Therefore, he is still in good health, while according to him, some of his friends have died.


“I am a Muslim and I consider washing hands and face and cleanliness as part of my faith and I always observe it. All people should consider the doctor’s advice so, they do not suffer from various diseases.


Najibullah, another resident of this province, whose whole family has passed the corona disease, says that people should not fall prey to rumours and they need to learn from their near and far experiences and follow healthy recommendations: “I passed the corona myself. And this is a fatal disease, and if I had not taken the advice of the doctors into consideration, I would have died along with others.”



The Need for Prevention and Vaccination

At the same time, health experts, while emphasizing compliance with health recommendations, also talk about the effectiveness of the corona vaccine.


Dr Asadullah, one of the health experts, says in this regard: “People should be informed that using a mask reduces the percentage of infectious diseases, and washing hands and using hygiene is essential at all times.”


He adds that in addition to health recommendations, vaccination is also very important to prevent the spread of diseases and has been very effective in preventing the further spread of Corona.


“In the years when there was no vaccine, there were many cases of corona in different provinces. I was working in a hospital and we diagnosed more than ten people having corona every day. But now the cases of corona have decreased and this is all due to the effects of the vaccine.”


On the other hand, Dr Sharafat Zaman, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Public Health, asks people not to believe rumours and put themselves in danger.


“Corona is a serious threat. This disease is not a rumour and we witnessed many people getting infected with this disease and its casualties. About eight thousand of our compatriots lost their lives.”


It should be remembered that according to the official statistics of the Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan, since the first case of Corona, which was recorded in Herat on the 24th of February 2020, about 180,000 Afghans have been infected with this virus.


Translated by: Sadaf Yarmal

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