Joe Biden’s Warning to Iran

After the recent attacks by pro-Iranian militias on the base of the US forces in Syria, the President of the United States has warned Iran that he will act decisively to protect the US forces.

Fayeq Younesi
25 Mar 2023
Joe Biden’s Warning to Iran

Joe Biden said in a press conference that the United States does not want a conflict with Iran, but is ready for a decisive responsibility for the security of US forces.

6 US forces were injured and one of their contractors was killed in an attack by unmanned aircraft on the base of US forces in eastern Syria on Thursday (23rd of March).

The United States, which blames Iran for this incident, responded by attacking the positions of the pro-Iranian forces in Syria, according to the sources, 14 people were killed as a result.

Translated by: Shir Ali Jafari

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