The Victims of the Earthquake in Turkey are still Hoping to Save Their Loved Ones

Residents of the city of Antakya, in the southernmost part of Turkey, lost their homes as well as their loved ones due to a devastating earthquake on Monday (6th February).

Shir Ali Jafari
14 Feb 2023
The Victims of the Earthquake in Turkey are still Hoping to Save Their Loved Ones

The survivors of the earthquake in this city spend the night and days burning the remaining wood from the ruins. More than a week has passed, but most of these people still hope to save their loved ones from under the ruins.

Hassan Gon Tekin, one of these survivors, whose wife and three children are still missing, says: ‘We need technical help, my request is to save my children. Even if one of my children is saved, I hope for life, otherwise, I have no hope for life. I don’t know what to do, who will call me father?’

Road after road in this city, which was located in the area of ​​earthquake damage, has been destroyed.

According to reports, this has been one of the most destructive earthquakes in Turkey since 1939.

At the same time, Martin Griffiths, the deputy of the United Nations for humanitarian and relief affairs, believes that the number of people killed in the terrible earthquake in Turkey and Syria, which has so far left around 28,000 victims, will double or more.

After more than six days have passed since the earthquake, the search operation to rescue people in these areas has faded and despite all the efforts made by the Turkish government and international organizations, the residents of this city are suffering from the lack of survival troops and irregularity.

In this regard, Ali says: ‘Unfortunately, the Turkish government has completely failed to deal with the victims of this earthquake. The rescue teams are very disorganized and have made no progress. This is the sixth day and every day two separate teams participate in the rescue operation. I did not see any official in this place. In my opinion, they don’t come to these areas because they know that we don’t have eyes to see them.’

Like Ali, thousands of survivors of this natural disaster are waiting to receive help and save their loved ones.

Currently, the Turkish government is facing difficulties in saving the lives of the remaining people under the rubble and reaching the victims of this earthquake.

Until now, most of these people have spent their days and nights in the cold of winter without shelter and sanitary materials and are looking for help.

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