Ainu Mina Women’s Market was Closed

Due to the continued restrictions on women in Afghanistan, this time in Kandahar, a market where all the employees and shopkeepers were women was closed.

Taj Mohammad Sahil
5 Feb 2023
Ainu Mina Women’s Market was Closed

This market is located in Ainu Mina, Kandahar, and 16 women’s shops which were made by women were operating in it.

Samira had a tailor shop in this market and ten other tailors worked with her. She says that after the closing of the market, all the women have gone home.

‘In our market, it was all women who were responsible for their families. It is now closed by the government.’

Samira also says that now she has to do sewing work at home and earn money for her family.

(I work in my home, there are many other women who can’t even afford to pay the rent.)

Another woman named Zarifa also has a shop in the same market and says that the reason for the closure of the market is still unknown.

(The reason must be made clear so that everyone can understand. ‘Our request is to reopen the market.)

Mahmoud Taqwa, a professor at Kabul University and a women’s activist, says that the government is closing down places where all the work is done by women.

The closure of such centers is really worrying.

On the other hand, Nematullah Sahibzada Nalan, a social affairs expert, says that shops, workshops, and markets for women play a good role in solving the problem of unemployment and taking care of poor women and children.

The fact that women and children beg in the markets because of hunger is not good for the Islamic Emirate, because if these centers are closed, women will be forced to beg.
We tried to get the opinion of the Chamber of Commerce about the closure of this market, but they refused to provide details about it.

Translated by: Shir Ali Jafari

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