The Continuation of Tensions between Russia and Ukraine and the Expansion of the War

Russia’s attack on Ukraine has killed thousands of people and destroyed many cities.
With the promise of sending new military weapons to Ukraine, now it seems that the scope of this war is expanding.

Shir Ali Jafari
31 Jan 2023
The Continuation of Tensions between Russia and Ukraine and the Expansion of the War

Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Europe’s main weapon against Russia was the use of sanctions, but a year later, many Western countries began sending arms and military weapons to Ukraine.

As the war between Russia and Ukraine escalates, Berlin has finally agreed to send Leopard-2 tanks to Ukraine. But after Berlin’s decision, now other weapons such as fighter jets have attracted Ukraine’s attention.

In his recent video message, Vladimir Zelensky says: (In the current situation, the key to success in the war is the speed and quantity of military weapons. The speed in training our military forces, the speed in providing tanks to Ukraine, and also other military support, which fights like a fist against oppression. We should open the way for sending long-range rockets to Ukraine because it is important for us to increase military cooperation. We need to start sending fighter jets to Ukraine, because it is our duty.)

While some Western countries blame Germany for the delay in sending tanks to Ukraine, it seems that this issue is caused by political opposition and concern about interference in the country’s military affairs.

German Chancellor Olaf Schultz, about sending arms to Ukraine says: (Like others, we provided financial, humanitarian and military aid to Ukraine, because this is our duty, at the same time, we do everything, our effort is to prevent the spread of war, because, with this, the whole world may involve.)



This is while, according to Russia, western countries have been directly involved in this war by sending military weapons to Ukraine.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov says: (European countries and the US claim that sending military weapons, including their war tanks, to Ukraine does not mean interfering in the war. We completely disagree with this claim. Moscow monitors all the activities of the mentioned countries, including NATO, and considers this act as their direct interference in the war, and we see that their interference is growing.)

But where does this military aid come from?

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, more than 30 Western countries have sent military weapons to Ukraine, including the United States, with the promise of 25 billion dollars, the largest share, and Germany and the United Kingdom are in second and third place on this list.

These countries promised Ukraine, rockets, drones, military tanks, and other military weapons.

On the other hand, Russia also uses Iranian drones, which are said to have been purchased before the attack on Ukraine.

The United States has also accused North Korea of ​​sending military weapons to Russia, but Pyongyang has repeatedly denied this.

This is when NATO Director Jen Stoltenberg, in his recent visit to South Korea, requested this country to send its arms aid to Ukraine.

The conflict in Ukraine has now become more widespread than Europe has seen since World War II.
It can be seen that with the current situation, will Russia, Ukraine, and Western countries find a suitable solution to end the conflicts? Or the scope of the war will extend to other regions of the world.

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