Extension of Electricity Contract Between Afghanistan and Uzbekistan

Breshna Company has extended its contract with Uzbekistan to import electricity in 2023.

Jamshid Mojadidi
1 Jan 2023
Extension of Electricity Contract Between Afghanistan and Uzbekistan

Abdul Latif Mansour, Acting Minister of Energy and Water, who has traveled to Uzbekistan as the head of a high-ranking Afghan delegation, says that the negotiations in this regard have been completed and the contract has been signed between the two parties.

He added that both sides have emphasized that they will work to prevent problems in the flow of electricity to Afghanistan.

Breshna Company has not said anything about the amount of electricity imported from Uzbekistan, based on the new contract, but previously 430 Mega Watt of electricity was imported from this country to Afghanistan.

It should be mentioned that in recent days, Uzbekistan did not export electricity to Afghanistan based on the agreement between the two parties, as a result of which the people were facing serious problems.

But let’s see if the problem of lack of imported electricity in Uzbekistan will be solved by signing the new contract or not.

Translated by: Shir Ali Jafari

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