The University Entrance Exam Process Started Today in Kabul

After the university entrance exams had been taken in 33 provinces of Afghanistan, today (13 October) the entrance exam started in Kabul.

Shir Ali Jafari
13 Oct 2022
The University Entrance Exam Process Started Today in Kabul

Nasim Gol Sahaar, the spokesperson of the National Entrance Examinations Office, told Radio Killid that 29,000 people, including boys and girls, participated in this examination.

According to Sahaar, this test is conducted in two periods, boys participate in this exam in the morning and girls in the afternoon.

Sahaar also added that only the graduates of Kabul’s schools participate in this exam.

According to the officials of the Ministry of Higher Education, the second round of the entrance exam and the Kabul district entrance exam will be held on (21 October).

Although a number of girls in other provinces have reported that they are limited in choosing some fields of study in the entrance exam, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Higher Education says that there are no restrictions in selecting the field of study.

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