SIGAR: Ashraf Ghani has Answered only Six of our Questions

The office of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction published the final report about the assessment of the falling previous Afghan government, said: out of the 56 questions posed to Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, only six of them were answered by his lawyer.

نویسنده: Shir Ali Jafari
10 Aug 2022
SIGAR: Ashraf Ghani has Answered only Six of our Questions

SIGAR announced that Mohammad Ashraf Ghani the former president of Afghanistan, refused to be interviewed by this office and the questions were answered through his lawyer.

Meanwhile, John Sopko, the US Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, said that considering the immediate evacuation, the weight and limited capability of the helicopters, and the statements of the present witnesses in these helicopters, it seems that when Ghani fled, about 500,000 US Dollars were available in helicopters.

According to SIGAR, several senior officials of the previous government have said that there were five million dollars in cash in the presidency palace when Ghani fled.

But according to them, this was the personal money of the former president, who wanted to use it in making a library in the presidential palace, an Islamic library, an agricultural center, and a foundation in his ancestral village.

Mohammad Ashraf Ghani is accused of taking millions of dollars in cash with him while fleeing from Kabul, a charge which he always denied.



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