24 Palestinians were Killed in Israeli Attacks on Gaza

As a result of Israeli forces’ attacks on parts of Gaza, 24 Palestinians have died and 204 others have been injured.

نویسنده: Shir Ali Jafari
7 Aug 2022
24 Palestinians were Killed in Israeli Attacks on Gaza

Gaza health authorities have said that six children also died in these attacks. But Israel says, these children were killed in a rocket attack by the Islamic Jihad group in Jabaliya area.

Meanwhile, the Islamic Jihad group has announced, they have fired more than 400 rockets at the country in response to Israel’s attacks on Gaza, but there are no details about the casualties.

On the other hand, the Israeli army has warned, their air operations against the Islamic Jihad will last for a week.

Gaza strip; It is an area in Palestinian territory with a population of 2.3 million.

This area has been under Israeli siege since 2007.

It should be noted that the Islamic Emirate has condemned the attacks of the Israeli army on the Gaza Strip.

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