27 Aug 2018

Tajikistan Air Crafts Bombarded a Village of Darqad District in Takhar

Tajikistan military plans bombarded a village of the Darqad district of Takhar province on early Monday, local officials said.

Muhammad Jawad Hejri, the spokesman of Takhar province told Killid reporter that the Tajik aircrafts bombarded the village around 7:00 am (local time) on Monday morning.

Hejri noted the village locates between Afghanistan and Tajikistan border and is under the control of Taliban group.

He stated that the Tajik forces air attack comes after two of their forces were killed in armed clashes with drug smugglers in the bordering area.

The spokesman further added the attacked village is along a forest that is shared between Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

The Tajik forces who were killed in the clashes were assigned to protect the forest.

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