Writer: DHSA
22 Apr 2010

Public Info Service

In addition to serving Afghanistan's nascent publishing sector, TKG is making it possible to distribute public service announcements from development agencies and the government to remote communities throughout Afghanistan.

Through its distribution service, TKG has promoted awareness of a number of relevant issues to Afghans in the form of radio dramas and PSA's, special editions of educational magazines, posters, pamphlets and music cassettes concerning a range of issues from preventative health to civic participation.

Here are a few of highlights of TKG's public service announcements and campaigns:

  • Campaign against domestic violence, print and radio, articles, PSA's and radio Drama's Funded by the EC
  • Encouraged use of iodine salt, print and radio, articles, PSA's and radio Drama's Funded by UNICEF
  • Transitional Justice awareness workshops for media outlets, investigating crimes of war and human right abuses of the past and ongoing
  • Awareness raising campaign on infant mortality, print and radio, articles, PSA's and radio Drama's funded by UNFPA
  • Civic education at the national level. Provided practical information on the presidential and parliamentary elections and encouraged civic participation in both. A series of special editions of Killid Magazine and Mursal along with radio programs and public service announcements were produced with principal grant support from the United Nations, the JEMB, The Asia Foundation, European Commission and the US Agency for International Development.
  • Radio Killid Kabul campaigns to promote safe driving in Kabul and discourage littering.


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