Writer: Killid Weekly
22 Apr 2010

Killid Weekly

Killid Magazine
Killid (the key) Magazine is Afghanistan's most popular, highest circulation and most widely distributed independent printed press.

The magazine was first published in 2002 and has since grown from 3000 copies a week in Kabul to 25,000 copies to all 34 provinces of the country each week, making it the only independent press to reach the entire nation on a weekly basis.

Editorially the magazine has matured from being an easy to read, basic public information and literacy tool to one of the country's most forward thinking and independent voices.

Like TKG itself, Killid Magazine's policy is to embraces one main concept: Afghan ownership of Afghanistan's process.

And is committed to one principle: people's right to be informed and to be heard, which is the basis for good governance, accountability and transparency.
To fulfill the concept and the principle we are forging a TKG focus and style in the magazine, ruled by high quality, in-depth, timely, accurate and balanced reporting together with a creative selection of story-ideas.

The magazine offers news, analysis and commentary in Dari, Pashto and English.

The magazine costs 15 Afghanis to make it affordable to the average reader in Afghanistan. As such, a large part of its operational costs are subsidized by DHSA/TKG.

Killid Magazine has a full-time staff of 20 reporters, covering all 34 provinces of Afghanistan. The magazine coordinates its reporting with TKG's radio division, the Radio Killid Network. In doing so, we maximize the reach of the magazines reporting to the public.

The magazine and its staff are constantly committed to capacity building and committed to evolving as time and resources permit.

In addition to being available in the market place, the magazine's leading stories and hard hitting cartoons can be found on-line herein


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