Devastating Floods in Western Afghanistan Leave 50 Dead, Dozens Missing

Recent heavy rains have caused widespread flooding in Ghor, Badghis, and Herat, resulting in significant loss of life and extensive financial damage.

Roqia Hussaini
18 May 2024

According to initial reports, at least 50 people have lost their lives, with lots of missing as a result of the flooding in Ghor, Afghanistan.

“The floods have destroyed or damaged over 6,000 residential homes, thousands of hectares lands have been destroyed, and hundreds of livestock have been lost.” Wakil Moradiyan, the head of disaster management in Ghor, said.

Meanwhile, historical sites such as the Jam Minaret have also suffered serious damage due to the floods.

Officials in Ghor province have distributed aids among the affected people; however, they are calling for additional assistance from the Islamic Emirate and international organizations.

“The situation is extremely serious in central and district areas. People have no shelter, water, or food.” Abdul Wahid Hamas, spokesperson for Ghor Governor, said.

In response to the crisis, the Islamic Emirate has expressed condolences to the affected families in Ghor. Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesperson for the Islamic Emirate, has indicated that rescue teams and aid have been send to the affected regions.

Badghis Provincial Police Chief Sediqullah Sediqi said that one child has died due to flooding in the province. He mentioned that lots of homes and agricultural land were also destroyed.

Simiraly, the recent flooding in Herat has also destroyed around 200 homes. “The floods in Chisht and Karukh areas over the past two days left significant financial damage. Officials are on site trying to address the affected areas.” Nesar Ahmad Elyas, spokesperson for Herat Governor, said.

It is worth noting that following heavy rainfalls in Baghlan last week, around 170 people died and over 240 others were injured.


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