Malnutrition Affected Over 830 Children This Year in Farah

Over 830 children in the Farah province have been affected by malnutrition this year due to various economic and nutritional challenges.

Rohullah Danish
17 May 2024

Farah, Afghanistan – Health officials in Farah have reported that about 830 children have been affected by malnutrition this year. Economic difficulties and inadequate nutrition for pregnant mothers are contributing factors to the prevalence of child malnutrition in the region, according to Farid Ahmad Moufakir, the head of Farah central hospital. According to him, last year, there were 3,802 reported cases of child malnutrition in Farah.

“We have two types of malnourished children; one type is outpatients, with 1,826 cases visiting this hospital last year, and the other type is inpatients, with 1,976 cases admitted last year. This year, 660 outpatients who receive malnourished food have been registered, and 170 others have been hospitalized.”

He further adds that for malnourished children, packages of milk, nutritious food, and medicine are distributed through the health centers. However, some families say that due to economic problems, they cannot provide enough food and milk for their children.

Majid, a resident of Pusht Rod, Farah province, who brought his two malnourished children to Farah central hospital, says: “This child’s mother used to breastfeed but now she doesn’t have any milk. Now we give him powdered milk in substitute. Doctors have said to give my child Fruits. I have bought as much as I could, but my one-year-old child can’t even eat bread or fruit.”

Similarly, Esmatullah, a resident of Farah, shared that his children are suffering from malnutrition due to his wife insufficient milk. He emphasized the urgent need for assistance to address the crisis affecting his eight children.

The situation is reflective of a larger issue in Afghanistan, as reports from the WFP indicate that over 3.2 million children under the age of five are affected by malnutrition across the country.


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