Martin Griffiths Reported on Afghanistan

Martin Griffiths, the UN Secretary General’s Special Representative for Humanitarian Affairs, shared the report of his trip to Afghanistan in a press conference.

Fayeq Younesi
31 Jan 2023
Martin Griffiths Reported on Afghanistan

Griffiths, who was supposed to present his analysis of the situation in Afghanistan in a meeting with the United Nations, provided information in this regard through a press conference in New York on Monday (30 January).

He said in this press conference that, he has clearly shared his message about women’s education and work and all their rights with the authorities of the Islamic Emirate, and it remains to be seen what decision the Islamic Emirate will make in this matter.

Also, Sophia Sprichman, Secretary General of Care International Charity, said in this meeting that if humanitarian aid does not reach Afghans, a large number of them may face the risk of death.

She said that the situation of all Afghan people, especially women and children, is unfortunate.

At the same time, Omar Abdi, the deputy executive director of UNICEF, also participated in this press conference and expressed concern about the situation of girls’ education in Afghanistan.

It should be mentioned that the United Nations delegation recently came to Kabul and met and talked with a number of officials of the Islamic Emirate.

Translated by: Shir Ali Jafari

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