Zabuli Women Wants Work and Education

A number of women in Zabul say that their lives are more difficult than in the past and they have lost their way.

Shir Ali Jafari
22 Nov 2022
Zabuli Women Wants Work and Education

There are different requests from the government in the field of employment, but the officials are talking about continuing vocational courses for women and providing them with work in this field.

25-year-old Hakima, who is sitting on a chair and facing the sun shining through the window, says that she has to work for a whole month in a tailoring course for 5 thousand Afghanis.

Hakima says that she started sewing because she wants to help her father with household chores because her father is a worker and his income does not cover the household expenses.

(We request the government to cooperate with us and many women have such problems, for example, if this place is closed to us, we will activate sewing in our home and help the elders with the housework.)

Hanifa is a 40 years old woman. She is worried about other women and says that women’s lives are restricted and many women are denied the right to study and work.

(In Zabul, the scope of life for women is limited. They do not have access to work, they do not have access to education, and housewives need work. We ask our government to provide opportunities including work and education to women.)

Talwasa a woman who is standing in front of a shop and shopping for her family is worried about the future of her daughters. She says that her daughter’s education is not completed.
((My daughters are grown up, they study at home, their school is half completed, we request the government to open the school, so that they can study and improve.))

Shukola is almost eighteen years old. She also has a different story about her compulsions and desires. She says that if she had graduated from school, she would have been able to work and earn money.

She was in her last year of school when the schools were closed.
((Our school is closed, it was my last year of school, if I had graduated, I would have found a job somewhere. Now I have neither finished my studies nor can I find a job, so I cannot help my family.))

Fazel Mohammad Yarmal, a young activist in Zabul, points to the contribution of women in society and says that the government should provide work and education for women and girls.

((In our province, there are women who are housewives, we have girls who should go to school, and their rule in society should be defined in general, so the government should take serious measures in this field and not put more pressure on women.

Maulavi Abdul Vakil Khadim, head of labor and social affairs of Zabul, says that they have not failed in the field of women’s employment, because according to him, many women have graduated from tailoring courses with the help of professional courses.

According to him, 415 men and women have graduated from the six-month vocational training course, and 380 others, 180 of whom are women, are studying.

415 men and women have graduated from professional courses, and 380 people are under education in Atghar, Siyori, and Shinkai districts, we also train them in the Center and Shahjoy, and an organization called (W.O) provides vocational training for women.)

It should be mentioned that all over Zabul, currently women only work in the fields of education and health, and they are not present in other areas.

Translated by: Shir Ali Jafari

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