NASA’s Orion Spacecraft  Reached the Moon

NASA’s Orion spacecraft reached the Moon’s orbit on Monday (21st November). The Artemis project team is ‘waiting hard’ for the spacecraft’s signal. The mission has performed ‘better than expected since its launch last week.

Shir Ali Jafari
22 Nov 2022
NASA’s Orion Spacecraft  Reached the Moon

Artemis 1 consists of a very powerful rocket called ‘Space Launch System’, the height of a 32-story building, and a container (capsule) called Orion which can move at a speed of more than 34 thousand kilometers per hour.

NASA flight director Zebulon Scoville said, “This is one of those days that you’ve been thinking about and dreaming about for a long time”.

Last week, after two delays, NASA’s most powerful rocket blasted off to the moon from Kennedy Space Center in Florida in the middle of the night, and a few hours later transmitted the first image of the ever-smaller and farther Earth behind it.

The first test launch of the Artemis 1 program was delayed twice this summer due to technical problems, and this time it encountered two more technical problems, but engineers fixed them before the opportunity was lost.

Artemis is the US and NASA’s lunar landing program, and its first stage, Artemis 1, was successfully launched last week.

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