Women in Nimroz Concern about the Lack of a Market to Sell Handmade Products

A number of women in Nimroz province complain about the lack of a market to sell their handmade products.

Mohammad Omari
16 Nov 2022
Women in Nimroz Concern about the Lack of a Market to Sell Handmade Products

According to these women, selling their products has decreased during the last year and has caused economic problems for them.

Handmade products are considered to be one of the most important sectors of the economy and one of the important cultural heritages in Afghanistan, and during the last few years, these products had good sales in domestic and international markets.

However, according to the residents of Nimroz, after the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, the sale of handmade products has decreased significantly and caused economic problems for women who are working in this field.

Fatema is one of the women who embroider. She complains about the lack of a market and added that it takes months to sew a piece of clothing, but he does not make a significant profit from selling it.

“The most significant art of a woman in our country is handmade products, but unfortunately it is not given that much value compared to other countries.

I am producing, handmade products at home, but compared to the cost and time I spend on my products, I do not receive enough profit”.


She asks the Islamic Emirate to find a market for their products and provide an improved platform for those who are engaged in making Handmade Products.

Zareen is another woman who produces handmade products and says that this industry is not given enough value in Nimroz Province.

“We do various types of embroidery, and our expenses are more than our income”.

She also asks the Islamic Emirate to help them to find a market for selling their products, so that the use of handmade products becomes popular among the people.

Zarghone, another woman from Nimroz province, says that besides housekeeping, she is busy with embroidery.

“It takes a month for us to take our products to the market for sale, but we sell for a very little price and do not make enough profit”.

She added that if the Islamic Emirate creates an exhibition and a market for them to sell their products, they can sell their handmade products more easily.

Mustafa, who sells handmade products, also complains about the lack of customers and says that their sales have decreased.

“Before we had customers from neighboring districts, provinces, and even from Iran, and they sent us their orders. Hand-embroiderers prepared our customers’ orders in about twenty days to one month. But in the last year, our orders and sales have decreased”.

Soraya Mohammadi, a social affairs expert, says that after the political changes, the market for handmade products has completely disappeared.

She added that in the previous government, there was a market and an exhibition to sell women’s handmade products. Women expect that the Islamic Emirate will also cooperate with women in this field.

Translated by: Shir Ali Jafari

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