Prominent ISIS Member Arrested in Afghanistan

The General Directorate of Intelligence announced: “A prominent member of the ISIS group was arrested in Afghanistan”.

Shir Ali Jafari
5 Oct 2022
Prominent ISIS Member Arrested in Afghanistan

According to an announcement of this directorate, Maliki used to collect financial aid from foreign countries and send it to the ISIS group.

It is stated in the announcement that this ISIS member has collected money for the ISIS group from Ukraine, Germany, and Spain.

It is not mentioned in the announcement, that this ISIS member is from which province of Afghanistan, but it was said that his name is Abdul Malik, the son of Mohammad Al-Din, and his nickname is “Maliki”.

According to the announcement of the Directorate of Intelligence, this member of ISIS was also responsible for moving and driving newly recruited people to this group.

General Directorate of Intelligence added that this ISIS member was arrested during a complex operation of the Islamic Emirate’s intelligence forces.

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