UNAMA is Concerned About Afghanistan’s Isolation

The Head of the Office of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) said: “If the Islamic Emirate does not ensure the rights of all Afghans and does not interact constructively with the international community, Afghanistan may face fragmentation, isolation, poverty and civil wars”.

Shir Ali Jafari
28 Sep 2022
UNAMA is Concerned About Afghanistan’s Isolation

Marks Potzel, during his speech at the United Nations Security Council meeting, referring to the closure of schools for girls and the imposition of some restrictions on women, said that in the past few months, the positive developments in Afghanistan have been very little compared to the negative changes.

Potzel also asked the countries of the world to continue the interaction with the Islamic Emirate and humanitarian aid to Afghanistan.

At the same time, Nasir Ahmad Fayeq, the permanent representative of Afghanistan to the United Nations, emphasized reopening schools for all Afghan girls and securing women’s rights.

He asked the UN Security Council to have a unified position regarding fighting terrorism, supporting Afghan women and girls, increasing humanitarian aid, and an inclusive system for the future of Afghanistan.

It should be noted that the UN Security Council’s meeting, centered on Afghanistan was held on Tuesday evening (27th September) at Kabul time, in which Fawzia Kofi, a former member of Afghanistan’s parliament, also participated and gave a speech.

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