An Islamic Emirate’s Official Warned the Pakistani Politicians

An official of the Islamic Emirate warned Islamabad that they should no longer misuse the name of Afghanistan for their own interests.

Shir Ali Jafari
28 Sep 2022
An Islamic Emirate’s Official Warned the Pakistani Politicians

Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, political deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, during his speeches at the World Tourism Day celebrating ceremony said: “If such behaviors of Pakistan continue, they will face our reaction”.

However, a number of political experts say that Pakistan has always exploited the situation in Afghanistan for its own interests.

After the statements of Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif in the United Nations Assembly, against Afghanistan, the relations between Kabul and Islamabad have turned into darkness.

Officials of the Islamic Emirate reacted to the statements of Shahbaz Sharif, who said: “Afghanistan is a safe place for terrorist groups”, and he asked Pakistan to stop dealing with Afghanistan.

Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, political deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, during a meeting celebrating World Tourism Day, warned Pakistan to refrain from inappropriate behavior against Afghanistan.

“Misusing Afghans is over. You have misused our name, over twenty years, there are enough proofing documents. Times changed and Afghanistan will not remain in this situation forever”.

This high-ranking official of the Islamic Emirate also asked the people of Pakistan to prevent irresponsible interventions and statements of their politicians, regarding Afghanistan.

He added: “It is true that our economy is not good, but we can answer a slap for a slap because we have brave people”.

At the same time, some political experts say that Pakistan’s actions and policies towards Afghanistan have always been based on the country’s illegitimate interests.

Ruhollah Hotak, a political analyst, says that Pakistan has gained a huge amount of benefits in the last four decades, using tricks under the name of Afghanistan: “Islamabad does not have, good intentions towards its neighbors, especially Afghanistan.” “Unfortunately, this country has taken advantage of the instability and internal differences of Afghans and made deals with big powers.”

Meanwhile, some other political analysts believe that the world has become familiar with Islamabad’s deceptive policies toward Afghanistan.

Bashir hatif, a political expert said: “Pakistan has made such efforts for several decades and continues to do so now, but global approaches are showing that Pakistan is no longer versatile”.

These political experts ask the Islamic Emirate to engage in political interactions with the world to prevent Pakistan’s interference.

According to these experts, Pakistan has always been looking for opportunities and it has been against Afghanistan’s interests and always used any opportunity to disturb the stability in Afghanistan.

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