Half of Afghanistan’s Frozen Currency Assets will Release

The United States of America will transfer 3.5 billion dollars of frozen assets of Afghanistan to a monetary trust fund in Switzerland.

Shir Ali Jafari
15 Sep 2022
Half of Afghanistan’s Frozen Currency Assets will Release

On Wednesday, September 14, the United States Ministry of Finance said that this money will not be provided to the Central Bank of Afghanistan.

According to reports, Afghanistan’s new monetary trust fund based in Geneva, Switzerland will be responsible for all transactions and central banking activities such as the payment of Afghanistan’s international debts, the country’s imported electricity payments, and meeting future requirements, including money printing.

Reuters news agency, citing US officials, reported that this monetary fund will be supervised by a delegation consisting of representatives of the United States, Switzerland, and two former Afghan officials.

But the Central Bank of Afghanistan has demanded the complete removal of restrictions on Afghanistan’s foreign exchange reserves.

By publishing a statement, this bank has said that any decision regarding the allocation, use, or transfer of these reserves to achieve unrelated goals is unacceptable and should be reconsidered in this regard.

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