Donors Conference to Seek $4.4 bn for Afghanistan

A pledging event to seek over $4.4 billion for Afghanistan as part of the United Nations humanitarian appeal which was launched earlier this year will be held on Thursday to help address the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

31 Mar 2022
Donors Conference to Seek $4.4 bn for Afghanistan
Image: TKG/Sara Azizi

U.K. is co-hosting the pledging event along with Germany, Qatar and the United Nations.

The appeal is the largest ever for a single country, according to U.N. spokesperson Jens Laerke, adding funds will go to aid agencies while bypassing the de facto authorities.

It comes as U.N. estimates that about 10 million children across Afghanistan urgently need humanitarian assistance to survive.

Meantime, nearly 23 million Afghans are experiencing acute malnutrition and 95 percent do not have enough to eat.

The United Kingdom which will co-host the event pledged $374 for the country just a day ahead of the conference.

It also comes following recent move by the Islamic Emirate to backtrack its promise of allowing girls into schools.

Diplomatic editor Patrick Wintour wrote for Guardian, citing officials, that the decision by Afghanistan’s authorities on 23 March to suspend schools for girls above grade 6 is likely to put many donors off.

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