Islamic Emirate Faced Two Major Challenges: Stanikzai

Afghanistan’s deputy minister of foreign affairs at a rally in support of the Islamic Emirate stressed on unity among Afghans.

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26 Dec 2021
Islamic Emirate Faced Two Major Challenges: Stanikzai
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The Islamic Emirate is faced with two major challenges currently, he said, although it has had major achievements, including the country’s independence, maintaining security and end of war.

He named discord among Afghans and the world’s reluctance to engage with the new rulers as the two major challenges the Islamic Emirate is faced with.

Afghans have been divided over the past decade, and uniting them needs time, he said.

He stressed on implementing Islamic law and bringing those behind criminal acts to justice in accordance with what Islamic law has suggested.

On girls and women, Stanikzai said Afghan girls and women have the right to access to education and work, but Afghanistan’s culture is different from the western culture.

“We urge the United States not to interfere in Afghanistan’s internal affairs and let Afghans build their country,” he said.

Deputy foreign minister also called on regional nations to maintain their humanitarian and economic assistance to Afghanistan.

The gathering comes as the Islamic Emirate has yet to win international recognition.

The world has made its recognition of the new government contingent on Afghanistan rulers’ commitments to uphold human rights, particularly the rights of women and girls. 

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