U.S. Peace Envoy Meets Afghan Leaders

U.S. special envoy for Afghanistan reconciliation has arrived in Kabul and met with top peace official Abdullah Abdullah and following that with President Ghani in Kabul.

The Killid Group
10 Apr 2021
U.S. Peace Envoy Meets Afghan Leaders

The U.S. Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation, Zalmay Khalilzad, on Saturday arrived in the capital, Kabul, and met with Afghan leaders ahead of an upcoming peace conference in Turkey. 

Afghan High Council for National Reconciliation said the U.S. envoy met with Abdullah Abdullah, chairman of the council, who oversees the government peace talks with the Taliban. 

According to his office, both discussed next steps to peace. 

Following his meeting with peace broker Abdullah Abdullah, Mr. Khalilzad met with President Ghani, discussing progresses in the peace process, his office said. 

Preparations for the upcoming Turkey-hosted conference were also among meeting deliberations, the Presidential Palace said. 

It comes as efforts are underway to unify a government peace plan to be presented in the Turkey summit.


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