Taliban Shadow District Governor Arrested in N. Afghanistan

Afghan forces have arrested head of the Taliban military commission and its shadow district governor for Sabri district of eastern Khost province in Baghlan, a northern Afghan province.

The Killid Group
4 Apr 2021
Taliban Shadow District Governor Arrested in N. Afghanistan

These members of the Taliban group were involved in attacks on bases of Afghan forces and the government convoy on way to Baghlan-Kunduz and Baghlan-Samangan highways as well as in bombings, said provincial police spokesman Jawed Besharat.

The arrested men were recently hired as the Taliban shadow district governor and head of the group’s military commission for Sabri district of Khost province, the spokesman said.

Police in Khenjan district of northern Baghlan province arrested the militants as they were heading to eastern Afghan province of Khost.

The Taliban officials have not commented yet.


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